Every seasoned Monster Hunter fan knows that paintballs play a significant game in the series. But if you have never played an MH title before and do not know what they are for, fret not. This article will tell you everything you need to know about paintballs in Monster Hunter Now, including where to get them in-game.

What are Monster Hunter Now paintballs?

As the name implies, paintballs are a throwable object that contains colored paint in them. While it might be easy to think that this item might be pretty miscellaneous and serve no other purpose than to paint in-game surroundings, it is not necessarily the case in the Monster Hunter series.

For the most part, they serve as a marker whereby monsters can be tracked wherever they may go on a given map. And yes, monsters in the franchise are known to be mobile, and some are more likely to run than others.


When does paintball become accessible?

Paintballs become accessible in Monster Hunter Now as soon as the player finishes “Prologue 3: The Secret to Strength” in the main story. In-game, there are two types of paintballs—pink regular and blue Palico—and can be gotten a few different ways.

Here is how a pink paintball differs from a blue paintball:

  • Pink regular paintballs can be used to manually mark a monster, so it can be fought again later.
  • Blue Palico paintballs are a more potent version of the pink regular paintballs in that their effect lasts for days. Polygon claims that the effect reaches up to 48 days. However, the stats of the monster tagged with the blue Palico paintballs change randomly.

How to get more paintballs

Getting pink regular paintballs requires the player to purchase the shop. A single pink regular paintball sells for 180 gems while a bundle of five costs 900 gems. Alternatively, players can also get more of this paintball as a reward for gaining Hunter Ranks.

Meanwhile, getting blue Palico paintball simply requires the player to play the game at least once a day to claim them for free. A maximum of three is given per day. As of writing, there is no other means to get them. Additionally, any unused blue Palico paintball does not roll over the next day.

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