NBA 2K24’s card-collecting mode, MyTEAM, is going for a transformation as it incorporates new features and updates aimed at improving the gameplay experience for the fans.

From crossplay that sees players from across different platforms playing with or against one another to the replacement of the auction house with a new player market, MyTEAM will never be the same again.

First among changes is the introduction of the MyTEAM points (MTP) via the new MTP system. With this change, players can now earn points by simply playing any mode in MyTEAM. The earned points can be used to purchase player cards from the new player market, hosting every card available in-game. As cards can no longer be bought from the auction by bidding, it creates a level playing field for all in MyTEAM.


For the first time, MyTEAM is also getting crossplay. Through this feature, players from both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S can now compete with one another. Alternatively, players can only play cooperatively via Triple Threat Online: Co-Op. Apart from being able to play with others from a different console, crossplay facilitates shorter queues and matchmaking times across various modes in MyTEAM.

Players looking for a little challenge can also look forward to MyTEAM’s Salary Cap. Featuring three two-week rounds per season, this mode has its leaderboard, rewards, and of course, salary limit per lineup. The challenge boils down to the imposed constraints while players strive to win prizes.

Another noteworthy addition to MyTEAM is the improved XP system. Through this system, players can now earn experience points simply by playing MyTEAM. As the XP system is shared with MyCAREER as well, it means that players can earn levels when playing in either mode. Further, coach cards are seeing more value in MyTEAM as they come with unique effects in certain events in-game, such as a fast break or a clutch time.


Card collectors will also find it a joy to see improvements in the new pack market in MyTEAM. Following community feedback, it now lets players get better odds for getting rare cards, including guaranteed pulls with fan-favorite pack types.

NBA 2K24 is slated for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in the Philippines on September 8, 2023.

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