A new AR mobile game called NBA All-World is launching early next year.

The NBA All-World is developed by Niantic, the same creator of Pokemon Go, which is one of the most popular AR mobile games ever made. Niantic’s new game was co-created by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and will launch on iOS and Android devices this January 24, 2023.

As per the game’s description, the NBA All-World will unleash a “new era of hoops.”

Like Pokemon Go, players can go outside, be their favorite NBA star, and play 1v1 games with some of the best players in the game.


You can walk through your neighborhood and play minigames. You can also spot sneakers and gear drops while you’re out and about, which will help style your player and increase their performance.



Niantic is yet to reveal the mechanics and other details about the game. Still, we expect the experience to be similar to Pokemon Go. Instead of Pokemon monsters, you’d be collecting gears and sneakers, and in lieu of Pokemon Battles, well, you’d play basketball.

We expect to hear more details about the game in the coming weeks, especially since January 24, 2023, its launch date, is not for long. Pre-registration for the game started in October.

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