Three (3) new game titles based on the beloved MMORPG franchise, Ragnarok Online, are said to be in development, according to Gravity. Making up the “Ragnarok Symphony Titles,” the developing titles will feature unique gameplay designs as they revolve around the rich world of the IP.

Designed to run on multiple platforms, particularly PC and mobile, “Ragnarok V: Resurrection” is an MMORPG and a follow-up to the “Ragnarok Valkyrie’s Rebellion,” which boasts charming graphics known to the franchise. It is being developed by Gravity Neocyon and is slated for a closed-beta test (CBT) in August.


Going for a more action-oriented route, the “RAGNAROK 20 HEROES” goes retro but with a high-octane hack-and-slash gameplay design to keep players engaged. As is true with the label, players can choose among 20 classes—essentially, the “heroes”—from four different groups.

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Apart from the game’s player-versus-enemy (PVE) gameplay, RAGNAROK 20 HEROES will also include a player-versus-player (PVP) component, giving competitive players a taste of competition with their fellow players. For added RPG elements, the game also features equipment, costumes, and cards. The game is also being scheduled for CBT in August, with Gravity Neocyon acting as the publisher.


Another title in the works, which will slightly deviate from the traditional MMORPG formula, is “Ragnarok Begins”. While still adhering to the principles of MMORPG, the game will differ slightly as a side-scroller with a non-targeting system, card-based growth system, and in-game real estate. Unlike the previous two titles, Ragnarok Begins will begin CBT at a still-uncertain date while having a launch later this year.

Speaking about the project, Gravity Korean Business Group Head, Jung Il-tae, said that the three developing games are “like symphonies”—that is, “harmoniously blending diverse personalities to captivate players.”

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