PlayPark and development studio Archosaur Games have announced a new MMORPG mobile game set in a fantasy world with sci-fi elements—Noah’s Heart.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Noah’s Heart features an open-world setting and a story about light versus darkness. Players will have the freedom to explore various locales that are filled with a diverse set of friendly and enemy characters and made dynamic via a day-night cycle and weather system.


From hairstyles to facial features and poses, plenty of customizations are available for players, so they can make their character’s appearance fit their liking. An assortment of weapons and sidekick pets will also allow players to choose their preferred combat play style.

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Watch the in-game footage here:

PlayPark is a division of publisher Asiasoft, whose list of published games include Cabal, Dragon Nest, and MapleStory.

Noah’s Heart has a confirmed launch in the Philippines along with five other Southeast Asian countries, but no exact date has been specified.

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