Playstation 4’s latest firmware to add support for external hard drive

Playstation 4

One of the biggest problems for console owners is the limited storage of their units.

Playstation 4 has 500GB to 1TB space, while Playstation 4 Pro has 1TB of storage. At first, it looks quite big and hard to fill but with the latest games working on the newest and most advanced engines, it might not be enough.

Some games have installation sizes ranging from 30GB up, and this does not include the updates, expansion packs and downloadable contents. At this rate, it will not be long before the storage is full for those with 500GB. They’ll have to delete data, which took hours to download, in order to make way for new ones.

There is a way used before where a new internal drive is used to replace the default hard drive that the console has. However, it is a painstaking process that requires a lot of steps to follow.

Thankfully, the latest update for PS4, version 4.5 firmware, will allow support for external USB 3.0 hard drives with the size of up to 8TB.

With this update that is yet to come, the gaming experience for PS4 will be much easier. Games, saved data, captured videos and screenshots are all storable on the external hard drives, and at the same time will be seen in the main menu of the console. This means that the gallery can now be exported to a computer and used as a wallpaper, videos can be edited easily without the hassle of uploading it via PS4’s network.

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Following this advancement is Sony Playstation 4’s rival, Xbox One. If PS4 has support for 8TB external drives, Xbox One upped their game and went all in, supporting even a 16TB external drive. This is a need for them since the internal hard drive of the console is not replaceable.

Aside from Xbox One, WiiU has been showing support for external hard drives since 2012. it is expandable through microSDXC cards up to 2TB. Nintendo also added that it supports external hard drives via USB 2.0 slots on the TV but it wasn’t activated since it is not useful during portable mode.

With this news, gamers are in for a much fun experience this 2017. With all the latest titles coming out, it is important to have more than enough storage for a smoother and better gaming experience.

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