San Francisco-based mobile app market intelligence firm Sensor Tower has disclosed that PUBG Mobile was the top-grossing game in terms of revenue for the month of May 2020. The popular game raked in $226 million for Tencent making it the leading gaming app in that segment.

Sensor Tower’s report also revealed that more than 50% of the total revenue gaming segment went to developers from China. But the revenue came from different regions including the US, which contributed 10% of Tencent’s PUBG Mobile monthly revenue. Saudi Arabia is the third country which contributed to the game’s May earnings, while most of its revenue was from gamers in China.

With such massive revenue, one may want to think PUBG Mobile should be among the top 5 games on Google Playstore. This is not the case as the gaming app is ranked way below the top 5 on the Play store. However, it is the number 2 app on the Apple App store.


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Apart from PUBG Mobile, other games which recorded huge revenue last month includes Honor of Kings — also owned by Tencent. The game raked in a massive $204 million in May from gamers across the globe.

The increased revenue recorded by the online game segment can be traced to the restricted movement and lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. The restriction of other social activities in most cities meant most people spend more time with their mobile phones. Sensor Tower also hinted that PUBG Mobile’s revenue represented a 40% growth rate compared to the same period last year. 


New PUBG Mobile skins

In a related development, PUBG Mobile has received a new Puppet Master Andy skin. The new skin is part of the characters in the arcade mode that have been included in the game. Players can obtain the character from the characters screen. In addition, Tencent has made available different cosmetic items for the characters which can be found inside the chest on the game’s shop section.

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