Punk Royale 2052: A Cyberpunk 2077-inspired mobile battle royale game


A new mobile battle royale title which draws inspiration from the recent revival of the “cyber punk” genre—thanks to the hype brought by CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077—is entering the fray.

Essentially a third-person, multiplayer shooting title, but set in a futuristic backdrop, Punk Royale 2052 fuses many elements that are both interesting and familiar, as seen in titles like PUBG and Cyberpunk 2077.

While most titles befitting a similar genre rely heavily on weapons and skills, PR2052 tries to stray a bit from the norm by giving emphasis on augmentations that scatter around in the map and play a critical role in enhancing the player for better chances at winning.


Currently up for pre-registrations, Punk Royale 2052 offers an exclusive Cyberpunk-esque coat that players can don within Ocean City.

Featuring five unique attributes, augmentations range from eye enhancements for better intel while in combat; hand enhancements for stronger melee; leg enhancements for faster moving speed; ballistic protection enhancements for better endurance against enemy bullets; and battery saver enhancements for improved battery usage efficiency.


Could you be the first to dominate Punk Royale 2052’s forward-thinking landmass? Register now on the Google Play Store to be among the first to get it.


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