Sony is said to have announced that they will be stopping the production of PS4 in Japan and will now only produce one PS4 model. Although, it’s still not clear if the memo extends to other markets.

A report reveals that Sony has stopped producing all models of the PS4 Pro CUH-700, all but one model of PS4 Slim CUH-2000, while the original PS4 CUH-1000 model has also ended active production status.

Apparently, Sony Japan will only produce PS4 Slim 500GB Jet Black from here on out.

Ending PS4’s production means that Sony can focus more on building more PS5 units, which has been in incredibly short supply since it came out late last year.

Again, it’s not clear if the move applies to western and other markets like the Philippines.



Despite this, PS4 owners can rest assured that Sony still got their back. PlayStation CEO previously announced that they would continue to support PS4 at least until 2024.

Moreover, a couple of new and upcoming PlayStation exclusive will still get PS4 versions like the Horizon Forbidden West.

But if you have the money, it might be best to jump to the PS5 instead, you can check its local pricing and availability for more details.

Via: Game Watch

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