In the gaming realm, coordination among players is also something to pay attention to. Players meet up with each other during events and communicate with each other. The same goes when they play online.

The gaming language is shared among all players and understood by all. The word “scrim” is no exception to the assets of this gaming language. It has stood the test of time and is what we will discuss here today.

“Scrim” in esports and gaming

Scrim is a shorter version of “scrimmage,” which means practice or simulated game. These may also be called TS for short, standing for “Team Scrimmage.”

Whenever a professional team decides to practice for a more significant event or competition, they seek opportunities to have mock battles with other competent teams. 

During these competitive matches, teams test their strategies, plans, and ideas and gain hands-on experience that they won’t be able to get in normal public matches. This collectively contributes to the experience and abilities of players, making them able to partake in the game more effectively.


Why do players do scrims?

Scrim is a better way to understand what tactics are working and what aren’t. They can then chalk out a plan to implement for the real battles ahead.

Players can experiment with different approaches without worrying about any negative implications on their rankings or standings in official tournaments.

In addition, scrims are an invaluable tool for coaches and analysts. Just like physical games of soccer and tennis, scrims in esports offer a detailed look at team dynamics under game conditions that casual play or drills cannot replicate. 

By observing scrim sessions, team management can identify strengths and weaknesses in the team’s performance that would otherwise remain unnoticed during regular gameplay. 

Advantages of participating in scrims

Scrims can effectively improve players’ overall skills. Some benefits of the scrims are the following:

Improved Teamwork: Scrims provide the perfect platform for teams to enhance their voice chat and coordination skills. As players repeatedly engage in battle scenarios, they learn to effectively cooperate with their teammates, develop strategies, and execute them seamlessly. This helps build a solid team dynamic, which is crucial for success in competitive gaming.

Improved Skills & Increased Game Knowledge: By competing against skilled opponents in scrims, gaming groups get exposed to different play styles and tactics. This allows them to gain insights into various strategies and techniques that they can incorporate into their own gameplay. They can understand the strengths and weaknesses of different heroes or characters.

Building Synergy: In any competitive game, teamwork is a crucial aspect. Scrims offer the best platform for teams to build synergy among their members. Through constant interactive sessions, coordination, and collaboration among team players, they learn how to work together as a single unit effectively.


Scrimmages are used in team-based competitive games, particularly in esports. While it’s possible to implement scrim practice sessions in almost all online multiplayer games, some popular games with built-in scrim features include:

League of Legends

LOL is another multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where, due to intense competition, teams arrange scrims to practice their teamwork, communication, and strategies to develop overall as a competent entity.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends always requires players to work together effectively to achieve victory. So, scrims are the only way of improving gameplay.


Overwatch, an FPS game, also involves teams participating in scrims to enhance their coordination, map control, and hero composition.


The famous game, also known as CS: GO (now CS2), heavily relies on teamwork and communication. Teams often engage in friendly practice sessions to practice their strategies, map control, and weapon handling. 

Dota 2

Similar to League of Legends, this MOBA game also utilizes scrims as a way for teams to improve their coordination, hero picks, and overall gameplay. And since Dota 2 is one of the most competitive with the highest prize pools in esports, there’s no doubt that gamers are continuously trying to improve.

Rainbow Six Siege

In RSS, teams participate in scrimmages to enhance their communication skills, map knowledge, and efficient gameplay abilities.

How to set up a scrim match?

You’ll need to follow just a few simple steps to set up a scrim match. 

First, assemble your team or decide whether you want to compete solo. Then, find an opponent willing and able to play against you. This could be another player or even a team if you are playing games that require more than one individual.

Once this is sorted out, it’s time for the logistics: deciding on the rules of the match, fixing a mutually decided date for all parties involved, and setting up any necessary in-game parameters such as the game mode, map, or difficulty level (depending on the individual game). 

Next comes the actual setup of the match. If it is an online game, create a private lobby or room where your match will occur. 

Depending on the game, you might need to input a specific code (like a custom room in PUBG) or password to ensure that only your team and opponents can access it.

Once everyone is present and ready in the lobby, check that all settings are correct according to what was previously agreed upon. Then, you can proceed and start the battle.

Impact of scrims on esports

Scrims play a significant role in leveraging the Esports industry. They help teams and individual players hone their skills, develop new effective strategies, and further improve their in-game communication and gameplay coordination. 

In a highly competitive environment such as esports, where every second matters, practicing repeatedly through scrims can be decisive between victory and defeat.

Scrims allow teams to test new tactics or compositions without the risk of losing official matches and making blunders in professional match setups. This helps teams to adapt better under different scenarios during actual games. 

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