Playing esports professionally, like in Mobile Legends or ML, is one of the dreams of many Gen Z and Millennial gamers, and it has proven to be a lucrative profession that offers many opportunities for players from different backgrounds. 

However, before you can even dream of earning the same amount of money these pro players made during their short careers, you must have the skills to back you up. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Pinoy Pro ML players based on their accumulated earnings.

NOTE: The statistics listed below are based on data and estimates from Esports Charts, Liquipedia, and Esports Earnings. Take note that these estimates are only from tournament winnings, not including sponsorships, live stream donations, and others. Conversion rate used is USD 1 = Php55.5325.


1. OhMyV33NUS (Johnmar Villaluna)

Earnings: Php8,075,904.87

Current Team: Blacklist International (Inactive)

Role: Roamer/Midlaner

OhMyV33NUS, or “The Queen,” is one of the most popular Mobile Legends players and highest-earning pro ML player in the Philippines with more than Php8 million in total earnings. He earned most of his wealth during his stint in Blacklist International, especially his M3 World Championship earnings of $60,000 or more than Php3.3M. 

He is the support and team captain of Blacklist International but is currently taking a hiatus. His signature heroes include Estes, Mathilda, and Rafaela. 

He is also part of the team that represented the country in the gold medal-clinching games during the 2021 SEA Games, as well as representing the LGBT community in the esports community. He is also the real-life partner of Wise.


2. Wise (Danerie James Del Rosario)

Earnings: Php8,020,372.39

Current Team: Blacklist International (Inactive)

Role: Jungler

The other half of the V33Wise duo is Danerie James Del Rosario, aka Wise, the second-highest earning Mobile Legends player, only behind OhMyV33NUS with total earnings of over Php8 million.

As part of the strong and winning lineup of Blacklist International in the last three years, he received a chunk of the team’s earnings during their M3 World Championship and their M4 Runner-up finish.

He is known for playing as the team’s elite jungler, specializing in using Yi Sun-Shin, Granger, Fredrinn, and Akai. He is also currently on hiatus.


3. Edward (Edward Jay Dapadap)

Earnings: Php7,791,763.96

Current Team: Blacklist International

Role: EXP Laner

The third-highest earner in the ML Pro scene in the Philippines is also a member of Blacklist International, Edward Jay Dapadap, or simply Edward, with almost Php7.8 million. He operates in their EXP lane and specializes in using Paquito, Benedetta, and Arlott. 

His pro career started early at the age of 15 years, but he has proven that age doesn’t matter in the esports scene, as he became one of the strongest and wealthiest ML players in the country.


4. Oheb (Kiel Calvin Soriano)

Earnings: Php7,181,091.39

Current Team: Blacklist International

Role: Gold Laner

Oheb, the country’s fourth highest-earning ML Pro player, is also part of the Blacklist International, with a total earning of Php7.18 million. He secures the team’s gold lane and specializes with Beatrix, Claude, Alice, Harith, and Bruno.

He is also the M3 World Championship MVP, which secured him an additional $10,000 or more than Php500K. Like Edward, he is also a talented youngster who earned his professional career winnings at 16.


5. KarlTzy (Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno)

Earnings: Php6,757,083.54

Current Team: ECHO

Role: Jungler

Breaking the streak of Blacklist International players in the highest-earning ML players is Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno, professionally known as KarlTzy, with Php6.75 million while playing as the jungler for ECHO. His signature heroes include Lancelot, Fredrinn, Yi Sun-Shin, Claude, and Akai.

He is also a two-time M World Champion (M2 and M4) and a two-time MPL Philippines Champion (Season 6 and 11), with some he accomplished early by starting his pro career at 14.


6. Hadji (Salic Alauya Imam)

Earnings: Php6,703,326.96

Current Team: Blacklist International

Role: Midlaner

Joining the other four Blacklist International players as the highest-earning ML pro players is Hadji, with a total of Php6.7 million. He is currently the team’s midlaner, specializing in Chou, Yve, Pharsa, Xavier, and Valentina.

After a 6-month hiatus from February to August 2023, he decided to return and suit up again for Blacklist for MPL PH Season 12, just in time while the V33Wise power duo is taking their break.


7. Kairi (Kairi Ygnacio Rayosdelsol)

Earnings: Php6,061,372.38

Current Team: ONIC Esports

Role: Jungler

Coming in on number seven of the highest-earning ML players is Kairi, with over Php6.7 million of total earnings. However, unlike the rest of the list (active or inactive players) of top earners in the Philippines, Kairi is currently playing in Indonesia as an import for ONIC Esports.

Though he is playing away from his home country, Kairi showed that he is not homesick as he helped his team bag multiple MPL Indonesia trophies (season 10 and 11) and the coveted MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023, beating the Philippines’ Blacklist International. His top heroes include Hayabusa, Ling, Lancelot, and Fanny.


8. Bennyqt (Benedict Gonzales)

Earnings: Php4,904,518.78

Current Team: ECHO

Role: Gold Laner

Bennyqt, the gold laner of ECHO, has the 8th highest earnings in the Philippines with almost Php5 million. He specializes in using Wanwan, Lunox, Karrie, Beatrix, and Brody.

After several years of falling short of the top spot, Bennyqt and his team (now ECHO) finally won the MPL Philippines during the 11th Season and brought that momentum to triumph once again over fellow Filipinos, Blacklist International, in the M4 World Championship.


9. Jaypee (Jaypee Gonzales Dela Cruz)

Earnings: Php4,201,737.22

Current Team: ECHO (Substitute)

Role: Roamer

Jaypee may be at the bottom of the top 10 with over Php4.2 million, but he is already a winner since MPL seasons 4 and 5. However, most of the earnings that catapulted him and his teammates to the ranks of most prize money won is after they won the M4 World Championship.

He plays as ECHO’s substitute roamer and specializes with Chou, Kaja, and Franco.


10. Yawi (Tristan Cabrea)

Earnings: Php4,193,696.67

Current Team: ECHO

Role: Roamer

ECHO’s primary Roamer, Yawi, completes the top 10 highest earners in the ML pro scene with close to Php4.2 million earnings. He specializes in using Chou, Khufra, Kaja, and Atlas. Like the rest of his teammates, their M4 World Championship winnings add to a huge portion of their total earnings.

Next 5 richest Filipino ML players

11. Sanford “SanFord” Vinuya (ECHO) – Php4,076,761.33

12. Alston “Sanji” Pabico (ECHO) – Php3,916,411.24

13. David “FlapTzy” Canon (Bren Esports) – Php3,343,575.17

14. Ralph Mico “Coco” Sampang (Bren Esports) – Php2,953,504.9

15. Allan “Lusty” Castromayor Jr. (Bren Esports) – Php2,950,622.76

While the amount they won makes every one of them a millennial or Gen Z millionaire, that’s not the end of the story. Most of their earnings came from winning an M World Championship that pays the biggest prize in the Mobile Legends competitions.

Some pro players who don’t win much compensate for their earnings through sponsorships, fan support, and live-streaming.

What do you think? Are you ready to take gaming to the next level and become pro gamers? Let us know in the comments below.

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