Another “end of an era” news caused by the health crisis. Sega, one of the most prominent names in the gaming world, is leaving the Japanese arcade business after 50 years.

Its parent company, Sega Sammy, started selling 85% of its arcade and amusement center business to Genda Inc. in 2020.

Now, in 2020, the remaining assets have already been sold to Genda Inc., as the world doesn’t seem to see an end to COVID-19 with even new variants being discovered.


The remaining arcades across Japan will be renamed as GiGO, which is Genda Inc.’s nickname. A move that was announced by the company’s own chief executive, Takashi Kataoka.

While arcades have been in a steady decline for the last 20 years due to the popularity of household consoles and gaming PC, arcade machines have played a major role and have a special place in Japan’s gaming culture. Actually, not just in Japan, but to all gaming fans across the world.

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