The Super Mario 64 is monumental in the Super Mario franchise when it introduced for the first time a full 3D platformer starring the red plumber himself, Super Mario. While, throughout the years, the game has seen a handful of ways to getting played aside from doing so in its native console, the process mostly involves a means of emulation, even the official ports.

Running retro titles via emulation does come with satisfying performances nowadays, thanks to our more advanced hardware. But emulation by itself is not necessarily an impeccable feat as it still comes with inherent constraints that mitigate an otherwise perfect execution of games.

In a bid to offset such limitation, there has been an enduring endeavor that strives to reverse engineer certain titles, turning their ROMs into an equivalent C codebase and use such code to make a port that runs natively on a targeted platform. One particular subject of this effort is Super Mario 64 which, through such feat, has managed to run natively on many platforms, including Android.


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XDA member VDavid003 has stepped up to the plate in preparing a repository of compile-able Super Mario 64 port for Android, which makes use of Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) with OpenGL ES 2.0.

Check out this XDA post to learn how to natively compile and make Super Mario 64 run on Android. Just follow the steps mentioned correctly and you shall soon be enjoying the game on your Android device as if it’s a native title to it. Plenty of people were able to do the process successfully while others dealt with some issues, based on the comments section of XDA.

Do note that, as the platform does not condone piracy, one crucial requirement of the process would involve you owning a legitimate copy of the game, which will be used to extract the ROM from.

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