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Timezone Philippines is selling its arcade gaming machines, but “not closing down anytime soon”


Drawing from the constraints caused by the ongoing pandemic, the country’s premier Family Entertainment Center, Timezone, is putting up some of its select arcade machines on sale.

In a Facebook post by Timezone Philippines, it announces the sale of its assets, namely the Hotshot and the Air Hockey arcade machines.

At Php65,000, anyone who is interested in the idea of playing an arcade version of basketball indoors can indeed experience it with the Hotshot. Its automated digital scoring system can pre-occupy anyone who is seeking a bit of exercise on their arm muscles and practicing their shooting skills.

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Posted by Timezone Philippines on Thursday, 10 September 2020

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Meanwhile, at Php55,000, individuals who want amusement with another person competitively can enjoy the Air Hockey, which comes equipped with an overhead playfield illumination wand and a 4-inch score display.

For those who are looking for an arcade machine other than the two, there’s a claim that the company is also open to selling other machines in its property.


The announcement inevitably brings concern to people as it could be signaling the business’ imminent closure, similar to other enterprises of its kind just this year alone. But in a new statement, Timezone Philippines clarified that it’s “not closing down anytime soon” and it’s currently not operational only because of the government guidelines.


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