You read that right: our childhood favorite’s about to return and excite us once more. It’s official, Japanese toy maker—Bandai—is bringing back the beloved Tamagotchi, 20 years after its original release. 

In case you aren’t aware of what a ‘Tamagotchi’ is; it’s an egg-shaped device inhabited by a virtual pet. Creators’ Akihiro Yokoi (WIZ) and Aki Maita (Bandai) developed a toy which allows users to care for their handheld pets. The original Tamagotchi was released back November 1996 (May 1997 for its worldwide debut).

Back in the day, it became an instant craze with children wanting their own digital pet to raise. In fact, it even teaches young ones the values of caring for their pets less they die or run away.

The modern device will be called Tamagotchi On, and it will still maintain its egg-shaped feature. A major change, however, is that the Tamagotchi On will be able to connect to your mobile device via a companion app.


Other new features include the daycare system where you can have your My Tama (the virtual pet) cared for if you are busy with real-life tasks. The main goal remains the same: ensure that your My Tama stays happy and healthy. Capping it off, it does have a similar gameplay with that of the original, only the features and options expanded.

Although, the Tamagotchi On hasn’t landed on Philippine stores yet, it has a price of USD59.99 in the United States where it is already released.

Would you consider buying one?

Source: Bandai

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