If you are one of the players who finally decided to give NetEase’s Life After a try, you’ll figure out that you’ve landed yourself a game you can’t simply abandon. You’ll also realize that the ‘survival’ in the gameplay isn’t your regular gather-and-build type.

It literally takes you into a situation of a world crawling with the undead. To ‘survive’ is putting it way too easily. Rather, ‘to live’ is the main agenda. You can’t just build a base and call yourself safe, nor can you just keep gathering resources without knowing how to make use of them.

So, here are 5 tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your survivability in LifeAfter. Take note that the game offers a tutorial in the beginning, but after that, you’re on your own.

Gather as much resources when outdoors

Surviving in Life After doesn’t only mean staying in your home base area—besides, where’s the fun in that?


Instead, the game requires players to explore different areas. You start in a map called Fall Forest, but you eventually unlock new areas as you progress through the game. Here, make sure you gather enough resources: wood, stone, and hemp as basics to craft tools and weapons. Use your weapons to hunt wildlife (bears, deer, wolves) for meat to cook.

Don’t worry if you can’t carry any more stuff due to a limited backpack space: there is a postman system where you can ‘mail’ gathered resources back to your base. This way, you can free up space in your pack, and you can gather as many materials again.

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Tools and a weapon are necessary

The tutorial at the beginning of Life After will give you a fair idea of how to craft basic tools, the bow, and arrows. However, these tools and weapon can break once they are overused. Make sure that you have enough stone and wood—the basic crafting materials—to produce a hatchet for chopping trees, a pickaxe for mining stones, a bow and arrows to hunt and defend with.


Sure, you can still collect wood and stone without any of these tools, but you don’t get bonus resources such as iron ores and twigs. As you progress in the game, you will come to learn that these bonus resources are needed to craft advanced equipment like a gun.

Allocate your skill points

One of LifeAfter’s features is the use of the skill point system. These skills help boost your character’s abilities to gather, hunt, and survive overall. These skill points also allow new areas and materials to be unlocked.

Simply tap on the icon (the one with your battery power displayed) located at the top left of your screen, then tap on ‘abilities’. It will then open up to the skill menu where you can allocate different points towards your combat or gathering skills. Remember, leveling up skills does not only mean you open new possibilities in the game; it also boosts your character’s survivability.


Always have extra resources in your bag

Remember when I said tools and weapons break when they are overused? When you view your tools and weapons, you will notice there is an orange bar on the bottom. This helps indicate whether a tool or weapon is close to breaking.

However, when a tool or weapon does break, you can always craft a new one with the wood and stones you’ve gathered. Always keep these two basic resources in your pack. You’ll never know when the map will be swarming with undead. It will be too difficult to gather resources while dodging threats.

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Explore the open world more

The greatest factor in Life After is that it’s an open-world type of game which allows players the pleasure (and challenge) of exploring what the game has in store for them.

Don’t just settle for basic resources alone: scavenge more. There are resources which are only possible to obtain when it is raining, or when you unlock a new area in the map. Interact with NPCs and fellow players alike. They help you know your way around new features you will encounter throughout the game. You could also interact with other players and make new friends. This way, you could guide one another in how these items are obtained or crafted.

It’s a jungle out there with Life After: intertwining strategy with common sense. This makes the game realistic. Along with its amazing graphics and interactive gameplay, you will be immersed in a zombie apocalypse setting where the outcome depends on every decision you make.


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