After several days of carefully reviewing entries, we’ve finally found the one. In partnership with OPPO Philippines, we’re proud to announce the winner of our recently concluded OPPO F7 Father’s Day giveaway.

Picking the right winner was really tough since there were more than 200 entries sent. That’s 200 of images of a loving father with his kid, and 200 different messages of love.

We randomly picked 10 of the most heartfelt entries and let an online randomizer tool do the job of picking the ultimate winner.

Since all of the top entries have really touching tributes to their old man, we thought that it is just fitting to share it with you. The first 9 names you’d see are the sons and daughters of some of the most amazing men in the world. In the end, the last person on the list is the winner of the new OPPO F7.

Rebecah Maebelle Clark Lucenta

Jowana Mozo

Kim Liporada

Roxane Cabile-Montierro

Benjie Gabrielle Caparas

Teodoro Jimenez

Robin Bartolaba Dërêvèngé

Jordan B. Servilla

Sheena de Ocampo

The winner of the OPPO F7: Jorin Lee Pyo

Congratulations to Jorin Lee Pyo. You’ll receive a direct message from NoypiGeeks via Facebook to let you know how you can get your father’s new OPPO F7 smartphone.

We like to thank everyone for joining and sharing with us the love that you and your father share with each other.

For those who aren’t able to make it, we have another giveaway coming up this week. Stay tuned!

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