Asian Terminals Inc, operator of the Batangas Container Terminal, announced that they are now using AI-powered automated gate systems, which was deployed by DP World, its foreign equity partner.

Called the AI-powered CARGOES AVA+ automated gate system (AGS), it was created by DP World Zodiac FZE and was recently installed to make trading in the Batangas port faster and safer.

This is a big deal as the Batangas port is the first in the country to have an AGS that uses machine learning.

The installed system integrates gate operating machines, kiosks, and cameras for gate process automation.


It utilizes intelligent cameras to capture thingz like truck and container information. The data are then processed through a video analytics server, which improved over time.

The new system is more cost-effective. Plus, since it automatically transmits data in real-time, it is more reliable compared to manual data entry.

Before the system, the port manually operates three lanes with the help of human operators. Now, they are being supervised remotely, making the ingress and egress of trucks contactless and safer.

In the future, the CARGOES AVA+ AGS is expected to gain new features like container damage detection and digital facial recognition.

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