Latest report says that the servers of the Commission on Election (COMELEC) were apparently breached by a group of hackers, who apparently were able to steal 60GB of data that may affect the upcoming presidential elections.

The said hack was discovered by Manila Bulletin‘s tech news team. It’s said that the hackers were able to breach COMELEC’s system last Saturday, January 8.

It’s said that the hacked files contain usernames and PINs of the machines responsible for counting votes.

Hackers were also able to obtain IP addresses, diagrams, domain admin credential, list of all privileged users, list of all passwords and domain policies, access to ballot handling dashboard, and QR code snaps of the Bureau of Canvassers with password and login.

The tech news team said that they immediately informed James Jimenez, COMELEC’s spokesperson, regarding the discovery. Jimenez said that they will pass the information to the commission’s steering committee.

Manila Bulletin’s tech news team added that “Sensitive data downloaded also included list of overseas absentee voters, location of all voting precincts with details of board of canvassers, all configuration list of the database, and list of all user accounts of Comelec personnel,”

The discovery started last Saturday, January 8, when the news site got a tip that there’s an ongoing hack of COMELEC’s servers. Manila Bulletin verified the information and confirmed its authenticity.

As of writing, COMELEC has released a statement regarding the issue via its Facebook page, which you can read below.

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