CHERRY Home has introduced a new appliance to upgrade your kitchen. Meet the new CHERRY Digital Air Fryer AF200.

As you can see right from the product images, the new CHERRY Digital Air Fryer AF200 is an upgrade to the brand’s first air fryer that came out last year. This one has a bigger 12L capacity, which is about three times more than the initial model’s 4.5L.



Unlike most generic air fryers, it also has a crystal clear visible window so you can check the food you’re cooking. The interface is identical to the previous model, giving you controls to the thermostat temp (70°C to 200°C) and timer of up to 60 minutes. If you’re not sure what the right temperature to dial in, you can pick from the 8 cooking preset.

As you know, cooking with an air fryer has health benefits. It has 360-degree airflow technology so you don’t have to use oil. Plus, it can remove up to 80% of fat from the food.


Other notable features include a rotisserie spit and fetch tool if you want to roast chicken or pork belly, skewer sets, drip tray, and overheating protection. If you’re curious, it draws 1800W of power and a voltage of 220V, 60Hz.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer is now available at for a price of Php7,000.

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