The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has unveiled scholarships as well as research and development (R&D) opportunities abroad that Filipinos can apply for next year, 2023.

DOST has advised Filipinos to regularly check their official website and the DOST International Cooperation Facebook page for updates as they have yet to schedule the proposals and announcements.

These opportunities were made possible as they’ve been co-funded by France, China, India, Taiwan, and Japan.

DOST Assistant Secretary Leah Buendia said they believe that better R&D is “a prime mover to achieve innovation-driven growth and national development.”


Buendia added that their department is ready to “collaborate, on co-beneficial relationships, with bilateral S&T (Science & Technology) partners.” She’s urging both students and researchers to take full advantage of said opportunities.

To maximize Filipinos’ opportunities at the international level, she suggests navigating the country’s bilateral and multilateral partnership to further develop a tougher S&T human resource and R&D landscape in the Philippines.

The DOST said that the priority areas for such opportunities are agriculture, renewable energy, and health.

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For R&D, a couple of programs included are the DOST-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Joint Research Program. It involves bilateral research from both countries to contribute to scientific advancement.

There’s also the Manila Economic Cultural Office (MECO) and Taiwan Economic Cultural Office (TECO) Joint Research Project, which involves Filipino and Taiwanese scientists and researchers working together in the field of nutritional genomics, virology, artificial intelligence, and more.

For scholarships, the DOST teamed up with the University of Alberta to launch a graduate scholarship program prioritizing S&T fields. With this, master’s and doctoral students from the Philippines will have a chance to study and conduct research in Alberta, Canada.

European Ambassador to the Philippines Luv Vèron also met with the DOST to improve their collaborations. As per Buendia, they talked about a possible cooperation program to help the Philippines’ transition towards green initiatives to mitigate the effects of climate change. The EU also expressed its interest in working with the Philippines in the field of digital connectivity.

Source: PNA

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