The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is targeting to roll out the single ticketing system for traffic violations and penalties on local government units (LGU) within the agency’s system in the first quarter of next year, 2023.

LTO Chief Jose Arturo Tugade said that they are conducting consultative meetings with stakeholders. Meanwhile, the draft for the memorandum circular on the said single ticketing system has already been disseminated. Tugade said that they are just waiting for the feedback of their partners with the program.


The LTO Chief said that, once the system goes live, they expect the road and traffic conditions in the country will improve as erring drivers will not just be fined but also be imposed demerit points. Getting demerit points means that the driver is no longer eligible to renew their license with a 10-year validity.

What’s more, the system will “harmonize” the fines and penalties imposed on rivers with traffic violations. As per Tugade, some LGUs are issuing Php300 fines while others are imposing Php1,500 for a no-helmet violation.

“The intention is not to increase the penalty but to have a penalty that will serve as a deterrent,” Tugade said. He added that the goal of the single ticketing system is to “relieve our roads from irresponsible drivers.”

Tugade said that they will make sure that the privilege to drive will only be given to those who are worthy and responsible on the road.

Via: PNA

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