We’ve seen tons of e-bikes roaming Philippine roads in the past few years. Do you want to set yourself apart from the rest? Check out the MUJI X Honda MS-1, which just made its way to the Philippines with a price tag that matches how fancy it is.

The MUJI X Honda MS01 was first introduced back in July. It’s a limited edition collaboration by two popular Japanese brands. It features an ultra-sleek and ergonomic design and adhere’s to MUJI’s H-type bicycle design with a single-seat configuration.

Credit: MUJI x Honda MS01 electric bike / Vision Effect

It has tons of fancy features: aluminum handlebars, keyless unlocking, LED front and rear lamps, an LCD instrument panel, and large 17-inch wheels with 70/90-17 tubeless tires. The MS01 only weighs 54.1kg thanks to its polished design. It has dimensions of 1,839 x 1,089 x 693mm.


Powering this electric bike is a 400W motor with a 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery. The duo claims their collab product has a top speed of 40kph and a maximum range of around 55 to 60 kilometers. This puts the MS01 in the L1b category.

The MUJI x Honda MS01e-bike has a price of Php89,998 and is sold in the Philippines by Popcycle Ebike Center. The same company that brought the Sundiro Honda S07 e-bike into the country.

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  1. Do you sell the MUJI Honda MS 01 in HERAKLEIO CRETE Greece ?
    Is there a dealer for the MUJI Honda MS 01?
    Thank you
    Philip Slanker