Two of Japan’s most notable brands, MUJI and Honda, are in for a partnership that will bring an addition to the electric-powered bike into the market—the MS01.

The Honda MS01 will adhere to MUJI’s H-type bicycle, which is popular for its polished, basic, and ergonomic design, meant for single-use at a time due to its single-seat configuration.


But while the collaborative bike will not be reinventing the wheel, it will nevertheless feature a blueprint that takes advantage of the best in modern technology. Namely, keyless unlocking, aluminum-built handlebars, LCD instrument panels, LED front and rear lights, and a pair of 17-inch wheels.

However, the real highlight of the MS01 is certainly its battery, which allegedly only requires to be charged once or twice a week for average daily usage. With a 400W motor and 48V lithium battery, the electric bike has a running speed of 25 km/h and a travel range of 65 kilometers.

To come in two color variants of black and white, the MS01 electric vehicle will be made available commercially for a limited stock of 5,000 units via the WeChat app, “MUJI Travel,” at the price tag of ¥4,980 (~$744).

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