Back in March, the Yamaha Neo electric scooter was launched in Europe and offered an affordable option for daily commutes. But for higher performance and a sporty look, the Yamaha E01 is the better choice.

The Yamaha E01 was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show as an electric scooter concept to showcase Yamaha’s electric motor technology. This two-wheeler features an 8.1kW scooter engine and a declared range of 104 kilometers on a single charge from its 4.9 kWh lithion-ion battery.


Also worth noting is that the E01’s battery is fixed. Unlike the Neo, the E01 was developed before Yamaha formed a consortium with other motor vehicle manufacturers to support and use swappable batteries. It’s a bummer, but at least the E01 does support three charging options, the quickest of which can achieve a 90-percent battery charge within one hour.

There’s no word on whether the Neo and the Yamaha E01 are coming to the Philippines. So far, interested applicants in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and other select markets will have a chance to lease demo/test units of the E01 beginning this month. In terms of pricing and release date, no official information has been released yet.


In the meantime, Yamaha Philippines is currently offering the hybrid Mio Fazzio.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Madam.

    I would to know if you have in stock YAMAHA E01 for sale and please let me know the price with Air freight charge to Zanzibar Tanzania East Africa. Please give us the cost with Invoice .

    Many thanks. Farouq

  2. what a bummer, no swappable battery and only 104km range, a defenite pass, its the reason I’m not buying any xiaomi scooter, atleast Honda made pcx electric.