Luxury car manufacturer Bugatti is partnering up with electric scooter maker Bytech to bring its rendition of a classy e-scooter to the street. Meet the Bugatti 9.0.

Giving the public a showcase of the collaborative product, the Bugatti electric scooter was displayed during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, alongside the French supercar manufacturer’s prized product, a Bugatti car.

But putting two-wheels alongside four-wheels, even if both were made partially or in whole by Bugatti, did not seem to be the greatest idea for marketing. The latter was reportedly eclipsed by the former, giving it little fanfare among attendees.


However, one good thing about the Bugatti e-scooter relative to a Bugatti car is that it is not necessarily as expensive at a price tag of $919.99. What is more? The said electric scooter will also be easily accessible as it will become readily available on Costco, in black color.

Yet, if you are on the picky side and prefer a different color scheme, you could also opt for the signature blue colorway, albeit at a pricier $1,200, via Bugatti’s official website.


As for the Bugatti 9.0 e-scooter itself, it appears to be a decent offering. It is able to provide two varying performances, based on two unique modes—18.5 miles per hour in Sports mode and 9 miles per hour in City mode. Also, Bytech claims that it is also capable of reaching a total of 22 miles in just a single charge. Vehicles classified as electric kick scooters like this don’t need to be registered to the authorities.

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