The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is warning the public about a sinister scheme that targets social amelioration program (SAP) recipients during the pandemic.

Essentially a phishing scheme, the method of the trickery involves hoaxing recipients into giving their GCash account’s M-PIN that subsequently results to their funds getting withdrawed from their account.

One native resident of Bulacan reported being a victim last July 17, citing a story of how she got dupped into thinking that she is speaking with a legitimate DSWD official via text and consequently giving out her M-PIN.

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But she makes only one of the hapless victims who themselves were scammed off of their money via a similar scheme.

To offset the issue, the DWSD is informing the public that nobody in its ranks is authorized to take someone’s M-PIN or one-time password (OTP), even in the process of issuing their cash aid.

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  1. Yes I experienced this on Facebook got told that I had won some money and they basically tried to get loads of information out of me and then said that there would be a $450 fee and I I had won a car