Vivo’s latest midrange smartphone, the Vivo V19 Neo, features a 4,500mAh lithium-polymer battery which promises a long-lasting power source per every full charge.

Drawing from its massive stock of energy, users can therefore immerse themselves with their mobile activities at peaked performance for longer. 

That quality of experience also takes root from Vivo V19 Neo’s multi-turbo capability that altogether ensures that games, especially hardware-intensive ones, are running at their best state possible.

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For gamers, it meant longer playtime which, when paired with the gadget’s unique Ultra Game Mode feature, offers an undisturbed entertainment experience. 

On the other hand, for users who mainly use the device as a utility tool, this meant a mitigation of having the need to charge every so often. 

Complementing the device’s high-capacity battery is a 18W fast-charging technology that quickly and efficiently replenishes V19 Neo’s depleting energy supply.

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*This article is published in partnership with Vivo Philippines.

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