The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), on Tuesday, has asked the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) to reimburse consumers following a case of overcharging that lasted roughly two years.

Since January 2017 to December 2019, the distribution utility has overcharged its customers a lumpsum of PHP 1.4 billion from pass-through charges, consistent of the following items:

  • System loss rate
  • Senior citizen subsidy rate
  • Lifeline subsidy rate
  • Transmission rate

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Meanwhile, ERC Chairperson and CEO Agnes Devanadera claims that Meralco undercharged consumers in generation rate, overall costing PHP 2.38 billion.

As a compromise, Meralco shall be returning an average of 0.1331 kWh to consumers for three months, beginning on the next billing cycle. Coincidentally, it will also be gathering Php0.0395 per kWh in consumers’ bills for 24 months.

To ensure that the directive is implemented, the ERC asked a sworn statement within 10 days following the rollout.

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