Current Manila Mayor and presidential candidate Isko Moreno has been authorized by the Manila Council to negotiate with SpaceX, an Elon Musk company, to bring Starlink internet to the Philippines.

For those who are unfamiliar, Starlink uses low-orbit satellites to provide internet connectivity to pretty much anyone on the planet.

Under the Manila City Council Resolution #46, the Manila Mayor is authorized “to negotiate and/or enter into a contract with SpaceX Enterprise for the use of Starlink, the world’s most advance broadband internet system in the City of Manila.”



In a statement, Moreno expressed his hopes to bring the low-orbit satellite internet service to the Philippines. He cited how the Starlink service helped Ukraine after its internet connectivity was disrupted by Russian forces.

“Hopefully, may awa ang Diyos, puwede tayong gumamit ng Starlink sa buong bansa pag tayo naging pangulo sa Mayo,” the presidential candidate added.

As for how it will benefit the Filipinos, Moreno said that the use of satellites will be beneficial to a country that’s prone to natural disasters. Since it uses satellites, internet connectivity should be resilient to being cut off by calamities, especially strong storms and earthquakes.

Moreno also sees the technology benefiting public school students.

“Wala nang dead spots, wala nang mabagal na signal o no signal which affects the online learning process of students,” Moreno added.

Via: GMA News Online

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  1. i hope that you will help us for all remote areas poor connection specially your tesla smartphone starlink &spacex