Lagundi and tawa-tawa may help people with mild COVID-19 cases recover faster, according to a clinical trial supported by the Department of Science and Technology.

As shared by DOST Undersecretary Rowena Guevarra in a radio interview, the clinical trial found that lagundi as herbal medicine can help alleviate COVID-19 symptoms. Guevarra also said that tawa-tawa as an herbal supplement also yielded similar results in another trial.

Symptoms that these herbs could help patients recover from include the loss of sense of smell, fever, chills, and body pain. Guevarra noted that symptoms could disappear in three to five days after taking tawa-tawa capsules, at 1,950mg per capsule taken thrice daily for 10 days.

With the promising results of these herbal treatments, Guevarra said that DOST is now exploring the use of lagundi for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases among patients with comorbidities. She also said that lagundi and tawa-tawa are good choices for self-medication.

Source: GMA News

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