Motorcycle riders, listen up! More changes are coming to the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) rules and guidelines as they attempt on easing the rules on motorcycle top boxes.

LTO said that they are thinking of lowering the penalties for unregistered motorcycle top boxes, as well as panniers, saddle bags, and others.


In a statement, the LTO said that it is thinking of amending the Memorandum it issued back in March 2016, which is titled ‘Guidelines on Inspection and Apprehension Relative to Motorcycle Top Boxes and Saddle Bags.’

Part of the memorandum that they want to review are the hefty fines imposed to violators. LTO head Teofilo Guadiz  III assured the public that they will come up with new fines that are “affordable and practical” to keep the fees “attuned to the times.”

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The LTO didn’t provide a timeline regarding when the changes will take effect. That said, the apprehension suspension shall take effect indefinitely.

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