At long last, the SIM Card Registration Act finally became a law. This is also the first law that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has signed since taking office.

With the law, all public telecommunications entities (PTE) or direct sellers will have to require users to present a valid identification document with a photo.

For privacy, the information given on the SIM card registration will remain confidential unless the user gives authorization for access.


The law also states that telco companies will have to disclose the user’s full name and address when issued a subpoena or court order.

In addition, law enforcement agencies who are investigating crimes done using mobile phones can also write a request letter to telcos to get the user’s information.

According to Cheloy Garafil of the Office of Press Secretary, the goal of the law is to provide “accountability in the use of SIM cards and aid law enforcers to track perpetrators of crimes committed through phones.”

The law should also help fight the recent increase in text scams.

Previous President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed the SIM Card Registration bill to fix the issues relating to user privacy.

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