When word came out that the Movie and Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB) wants to regulate Netflix and other streaming services, critics and the public alike slammed the move as censorship and abuse of power. But apparently, the regulatory board only wants to ensure what you see on Netflix is age-appropriate and not pirated.

During an interview at television program The Chiefs, MTRCB chairperson Rachel Arenas said that the MTRCB is not censoring but instead asking video-on-demand providers such as Netflix to perform self-regulation and adhere to the law.


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She said that there’s nothing to fear, as the intent of the regulation is for the benefit of the viewers. To further appease the critics, Arenas said its proposed guidelines to regulate VOD providers will be discussed and revised with stakeholders.

As a government agency under the executive branch of the government, the MTRCB is responsible for implementing the law involving reviewing and classifying television programs and movies.

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