The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA), in a bid to support various sectors with their space data needs, rolled out the PhilSA Integrated Network for Space-Enabled Actions towards Sustainability (Pinas).

Laid out with utilitarian usage in mind, the project will be put to good use for local government units (LGU), government agencies, civil society, and researchers, and will play a pivotal role in empowering communities using data and information gathered from space.

Per PhilSA Space Information Infrastructure Bureau (SIIB) Director Ariel Blanco, Pinas will uphold a teamwork approach, with the highlight on using available data with social responsibility.

To meet its objectives, Pinas will be implemented in three phases—network building, capacity building, and buildup and expansion.

A month before its launch, PhilSA CIIB launched a pre-implementation workshop of the program in the city of Iloilo, which was attended by over 100 representatives from the province’s regional government agencies, LGUs, and NGOs.

It’s anticipated that, by 2025, Pinas will execute on its goal of capacity-building through various activities as well as the establishment of a network data-sharing system, which will extend to the community of researchers, civil society, and the LGU.

Source: Manila Times

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