The Philippine National Police (PNP) has announced its support for the proposed SIM Card Registration Act, which will enable telcos to require users to submit personal information that will be stored in a centralized database. 

According to PNP Chief General Dionardo Carlos, SIM Card registration will deter crime and help the authorities in tracking down criminals.

“We have seen how the criminal elements maximized the anonymity of pre-paid SIM cards, thus it was easy for them to constantly change SIM cards for communication and transaction without being identified.”

PNP Chief Gen. Dionardo Carlos

Aside from Smart, Globe (GOMO), and DITO, Public Telecommunications Entities (PTEs) and direct sellers will also be mandated to adhere to requirements, as registration will be a prerequisite for the sale and activation of SIM cards. Customers will be asked to fill up a control-numbered registration form and submit valid IDs for every purchase. 



People who are unable to register for themselves may authorize another person to buy it for them. However, the representative will be required to present a Special Power of Attorney and valid IDs for both parties.

The PNP believes the SIM Card Registration will not violate Filipinos’ privacy, as the practice of requiring identification is already being used in postpaid services.

An ICT group previously opposed certain SIM card registration provisions, and asked President Duterte to veto the bill.

Source: Inquirer

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