The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has come up with an application to aid local travelers in their journey across different areas in the Philippines that may come with their own travel constraints.

Dubbed the Safe, Swift and Smart Passage or S-PaSS, the travel management system seeks to inform users of the things they would need to know when going into areas that extend from the National Capital Region and its neighboring provinces.

Not to be confused with the contract-tracing app, S-PaSS is more on facilitating convenient movement among users, with a special focus around locales where travel restriction is strongly enforced. In such an instance, users may use the app to apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP), which replaces the formerly essential Travel Authority.

Alternatively, for areas that are unrestricted but demands going through the LGU, the application may be employed for a Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP).

Rovers who are willing to use S-PaSS may do so by registering for an account using their mobile number. It is worth noting, however, that specific documents are necessary for the application of TCP, which can then be submitted via the LGU’s website.

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