In a hearing last Thursday, Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla said that he wants to give more power to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and other related agencies to help monitor social media platforms to protect the youth from illegal content.

The said hearing was facilitated by the Senate Committees on Public Information and Mass Media, Games and Amusement, Ways and Means, and Finance. It was for the proposed measures that aim to increase the capabilities of the MTRCB and regulate online games and outdoor media.


“Kami pong lahat na taga-pelikula na nandidito sa Senado naniniwala po na kailangan madagdagan ang mandato ninyo para labanan po natin itong mga online na ito,” said Sen. Padilla, the chair for the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media.

The said hearing wants to make sure that “we guide our youths who are exposed to shows and audiovisual media in various modes and platforms”. They also want the MTRCB and other related agencies to have better tools to fight movie piracy.

Padilla highlighted that the MTRCB already has outdated mandates and capabilities, especially now in the time of online gaming and the internet.

But, the senator clarified that the proposed measures will not affect the creativity of directors. Padilla also expressed that they are not after censorship or oppose freedom of expression. Instead, their goal is to uphold intelligent viewing and protect viewers from illegal and immoral content.

Via: PNA

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