The Senate has approved a report that recommends Facebook, TikTok, and other social media be held accountable for disinformation spreading in their platforms.

Drafted by Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, the report was approved as part of Senate Resolution 953 that sought a review of criminal laws amid the rise of social media platforms along with the resulting spread of disinformation.

In the report, Sen. Pangilinan wrote that “malice should be presumed on the part of the [platform],” should user content be found defamatory, made from a fake account, and not removed within a reasonable period.


The report further stated the need of a comprehensive legislation that covers techniques used by spreaders of disinformation to avoid being held accountable. It also sought to amend the law on libel, making the use of fake accounts or names for posting libelous content as proof of malice in itself.

Besides addressing disinformation in social media, the report also pushed for campaign finance regulations, disclosure of sponsorship by social media influencers, and the refiling of the SIM card registration bill, among other recommendations.

Source: MB

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