Apex Legends Mobile has officially launched globally this year. However, players are concerned about one thing: the mobile version does not seem to offer a change in servers.

Why would anyone want to change their server? Well, sometimes a server could end up laggy for a player which is an automatic red flag when it comes to the gaming experience.

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As of writing, there is really no way to change your server (officially) on the mobile version of this famous game. But you can make use of a VPN to do this. Here’s how.


Get a VPN to spoof your location

First of all, you’ve probably been hearing this term a lot especially with applications or websites that are available for a global audience (such as Netflix and Disney+, for example).

Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in addressing situations such as when you want to get to a particular region’s server by routing your data to this server and encrypting it.

In layman’s term, it changes the IP address so that VPN gives you the opportunity to be in another country’s server even though you aren’t. That means you can access a United States server, for example, even though you are here in the Philippines.

VPN is legal, but some games prohibit it

One concern to address perhaps before trying the VPN to switch servers on Apex Legends Mobile is its safety. Yes, VPN is legal, but you still have to be wary about online safety and security risks.

One safe advice is to not rely much on those offering free VPN downloads, but instead to a VPN provider that you trust. If you are doing this for the first time, it’s safe to do your research first or ask someone who has already tried it for advice.


It’s actually better to pay a bit of cash just to avoid providers who will sell your personal information and activities and reveal them to advertisers.

Remember it’s still illegal to access forbidden websites

While VPN is a great tool for accessing cross-country servers and is generally safe for gaming purposes such as Apex Legends Mobile, please remember to make use of VPN responsibly.

That means once a website, server, or software is strictly prohibited to people outside that country, then don’t push yourself to access them.

Again, VPN is legal, but it’s still illegal when it comes to crossing the line of strictly prohibited sites or apps.

Did this method of changing Apex Legends Mobile servers work for you? Do you have other ways to do it? Let us know in the comments below.

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