iPads run on batteries, and as you know, any type of battery doesn’t last forever.

There are tons of reasons why your mobile device’s battery degrades fast. But whatever the case may be, it’s best to check the battery’s health. Why? Well, primarily because it can also affect the overall performance of the device.

And once you’ve checked your battery health, and it’s already on a critical level (around 80% or lower), it’s time to have it replaced to ensure the device runs in tip-top condition.

That said, here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how you can check your iPad battery health. Let’s start.

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How to check iPad battery health

Unlike iPhones, iPadOS doesn’t have a built-in feature that shows Battery Health. There’s no third-party app available either. Instead, you need a Mac or Windows PC to do it. Let’s show you how.

Using Mac

Step 1: Download and install an app called iMazing: https://imazing.com


Step 2: You can purchase the app if you want to use it in the future. Or, click “Continue Trial” like what we’ll do for this guide.


Step 3: Connect your iPad to your Mac using a compatible USB cable. On the iPad, click “Trust”.


Step 4: You should see your iPad settings and status on the iMazing app. To check the battery status, click the corresponding icon on the bottom left.


Step 5: Here you’ll see the battery’s technical data, which includes the battery’s health. It also shows the current charge, temperature, charger details, and more.



Using Windows PC

Step 1: Download and install 3uTools via this link: http://www.3u.com


Step 2: Connect your iPad to your Windows PC using a compatible USB cable. On the iPad, tap “Trust”, then type your password.


Step 3: You should immediately see your iPad’s settings and status upon opening the 3uTools Windows app. The battery life is at the bottom right.


Step 4: For more details about your battery, you can click “Details” in the Battery Life section.


Step 5: Here you’ll see information like charge times, design and actual battery capacity, temperature, battery maker, and more.


iPad battery health FAQs

Here are the other things you should know regarding iPad batteries.

When should I replace my iPad’s battery?

If your battery health is already below 75%, then it might be best to have it serviced and replaced as it could already affect your tablet’s performance.

Is there a built-in battery health feature on iPad?

As of writing, iPadOS doesn’t have a Battery Health feature yet. Hopefully, it gets one in the future similar to iPhones.

How do I check my iPad’s charge cycle?

You can see your iPad’s charging cycle using the same process we’ve shown above. The charging cycle times are listed next to the battery life.

These are the things you should know about checking your iPad’s battery health and when is the time to have it replaced.

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