Looking up someone on social media can be really tough, especially if you only have very limited information to use.

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to look up a person on social media. You may be a hiring agent doing a background check, finding someone you met at a gathering, getting in touch with an old classmate, or you want to check if a person is imitating someone — a.k.a a poser and scammer.

But whatever your reason is, today we’ll help you find someone on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, using a tool called Social Analyzer. Let’s begin.



What does Social Analyzer do?

To keep it short, Social Analyizer will help you find a person’s profile on more than 1,000 social media platforms as long as you can provide minimum information like a username.

As expected, you’d get a bunch of results using this search. However, the program uses multiple techniques and filters to narrow down results.

How to download and install Social Analyzer

Social Analyzer works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can also use Docker and run it as a web app. Follow the steps below.

Install Social Analyzer on Windows

Step 1: Download and extract the file here: https://github.com/qeeqbox/social-analyzer/archive/main.zip.

Step 2: Open and run the command:

pip3 install social-analyzer

Install Social Analyzer on macOS

Step 1: Open your apps and look for the Terminal.

Step 2: Type the following command and click enter.

pip3 install social-analyzer

How to use Social Analyzer

Step 1: After following the steps above for Windows and macOS, type the command like the one on the image below:

python3 -m social-analyzer --username "the name you want to search" --metadata

Step 2: As you see, it starts scanning different platforms. Just wait until this process is finished.


Step 3: Now, you can see all the social media accounts that match the username you’ve entered. It will show the real name linked to the account if it’s available. In addition, the language of the site and the rough estimate of the user’s location will also be shown.

You can also notice a “Rate” number with a range value of 0 to 100. This essentially means that, the closer it is to 100, the higher the chance that the found profile is real and legitimate.


That’s how you can use Social Analyzer to look someone up on different social media platforms. Make sure to use it properly.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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