It’s never fun when one of your gadgets break down. You have to take it to a service center to have it repaired and if your warranty coverage has expired, not only is it a hassle, but an expensive hassle at that.

Well, City Delivery, a one-stop delivery service for a wide range of establishments, and ASERCO, authorized service center to a number of big-name electronics stores, have partnered together to bring you the convenience of pick-up and delivery to your gadget repairs.

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So in case you have notebooks, cameras, LCD monitors, projectors or printers that need repair, just call ASERCO at 647-5357, 682-7679 or 646-6190 or City Delivery at 87878. Some of the popular brands that ASERCO services include Canon, Epson, Panasonic, Acer, Samsung, BenQ and Sharp. You have a choice between pick-up where City Delivery simply picks up the gadget for repair at your address then delivers it to ASERCO, which you would then pick up later on when your gadget has been repaired, or pick-up/delivery where City Delivery and ASERCO do all the legwork for you.

Process Flow - Pick up

You can have your gadget picked up at your address for just Php150 for the first 5kms if it is small enough to fit on a motorcycle and Php38 for every succeeding km. If it’s a bit larger and needs to be delivered using a van, it becomes Php375 for the first 5kms and Php95 for every succeeding km. Serviced areas include Metro Manila and Las Pinas only.

Aserco Branches

City Delivery and ASERCO know that most people live fairly busy lifestyles, which is why they’ve partnered up so you can avoid the inconvenience of having to take your broken gadget to the service center yourself. The best part is they can work around your schedule too, picking the best time to pick up and deliver your gadget. Gadget repair will never be the ignored necessity that it is ever again.

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  1. how much will it may cost me if call u up to pick up/repair then have delivered again to my haus? my haus is at greensborough subd. sabang dasmarinas city?