OPlus 8.31z, 8.36z and 8.37 Official Press Graphic

Earlier in the day, O+ USA revealed three new entry level Android smartphones: the O+ 8.31z, O+ 8.36z and O+ 8.37. They’re the typical dual core affair, two of which have 3.5 inchers while the other has a 4 inch screen. The head-scratching part though is that all of them are supposed to retail for Php8,888. Anyway, let’s take a better look at O+ USA’s newest offerings.

O+ 8.31z

The O+ 0.31z is a basic 3.5 incher powered by a 1GHz dual core processor that runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. Imaging capabilities are pretty basic as you get a 3.2mp autofocus rear-facing camera and a front-facing camera too, most likely a VGA shooter. Naturally, it’s 3G and WiFi capable and comes with O+ USA’s bag of software tricks, such as the Air Shuffle feature.

UPDATE: O+ 8.31z Hands-on Review – Price: Php2,995

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RAM and internal storage aren’t specified, although it’s likely that it will come with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage, but that’s just a guess. Whatever storage it comes with, it’s also expandable up to 32GB and comes with a free 4GB card from SanDisk.

O+ 8.36zThe O+ 8.36z is another 3.5 incher like the 8.31z. Actually, the spec sheet appears to be fairly similar between the two so they might as well be the same phone.

Price: Php3,995

O+ 8.37

UPDATE: O+ 8.37 Hands-on Review РPrice: Php4,995

Finally, there’s the O+ 8.37, which would be the best choice among the three since they’re all priced the same. You’re getting a 4″ capacitive touchscreen with a dual core 1.2GHz processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. It’s got the same dual camera setup, 3G and dual SIM support, not to mention the usual bag of software tricks. This one comes with an 8GB micro SD card though, and not the 4GB card that the O+ 8.31z and O+ 8.36z.¬†Price: Php4,995

To be honest, I don’t actually believe these phones will really sell for Php8,888. More likely, someone messed up when they posted these phones on the official O+ USA Facebook page. I anticipate that O+ USA will reach out to correct the price, but in the meantime, this is what we’re going with.

[Source: O+ USA]

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  1. patulong naman. lagi kasi nagrereboot yun O+ 8.37 ko then if ever naman magtagal nakaon, lahat ng apps ayaw magwork. Can i do a manual hard reset on this? Nahirapan ako magfactory reset kasi every minute nagrereboot sya di matapos yun process.