Are you among the players who lost their accounts in Mobile Legends and thought all hope was lost? Fear not, here’s how you can recover your account in this popular mobile game.

Why did I lose access to my Mobile Legends account?

One of the most common reasons for losing one’s account in games such as Mobile Legends is because players forget to link their accounts either through social media or through an official Moonton account.

It can get frustrating, especially when you have had a lot of progress in the game, but this is actually quite a common problem in the said MOBA. Fortunately, the developers allow account retrieval, and we’re here to guide you through it.

How to retrieve Mobile Legends account

Step 1


Log-in using a different account. You can even create a new account for this one as long as you can get into the game menu.

Step 2


Make sure that you remember your account ID and in-game name (IGN). Now, search for your account credentials through the ‘add friend’ system and tap on the “check” feature.

Step 3


After checking on your account credentials, you may now go back to the main menu. From here, tap on your account profile to access the account settings.

Step 4


Proceed to the “Account” and “Account Center” followed by “Retrieve Account” to open the retrieval system.

Step 5


You will be redirected to a website where you can retrieve your account. Just head on to the “In-game information verification”. When prompted for the account’s ID and IGN that you want to retrieve, just put in the correct details.


Please note that when asked for a 4-digit number, these are the last 4 digits in parenthesis on your account ID.

Step 6

Upon verification, you will have to answer various questions regarding your old Mobile Legends account. This could ask about the skins you own there or the achievements you have got. Once you’ve provided the correct answers, you should be able to access your lost MLBB account again.


On a final note, try to link your Mobile Legends account to avoid losing it again. Although the process may sound simple, it also depends on how long you’ve had your lost account or how much progress you have. In some cases, it might take a long time for Moonton to verify it.

So, to be on the safe side and continuously enjoy MLBB, it’s better to link it for easier account recovery.

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  1. I did this steps but after rotating my phone and I am in Step 5

    I could not head on to the “In-game information verification”.

    nothing happens.

    Please help.