Other than transferring money to friends and family, GCash has easily become one of the most popular bills payment platforms in the Philippines. One of the outlets you can use it for is Meralco, the biggest electricity distributor in the country.

GCash offers great convenience when settling your Meralco electricity bills. No need to spend money on gas or transportation, waste time and energy going out of the house, and suffer long lines on over-the-counter payments.


All you have to do is make sure you have your current electric bill, have the right amount of balance in your GCash wallet, and follow the steps below.

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How to pay Meralco on on the GCash app

Step 1: Open the GCash app and on the dashboard, tap “Bills”.


Step 2: Tap “Electric Utilities”.


Step 3: You can use the search bar on tap or scroll down until you find “Meralco”.


Step 4: Enter the amount you want to pay. Then, key in your Meralco Customer Account number (CAN) found on your monthly bill. Alternatively, you can tap the barcode scanner and scan the barcode found on your bill. Scanning the barcode will automatically input your CAN number.

Next, you can input an email address where an official receipt will be sent, but this is optional. Once filled out, tap “Next”.


Step 5: Choose if you’re paying using your GCash wallet or via GCredit. Tap “Next”. Check if all the information is correct and click “Confirm”.


Step 7: You shall receive a text confirmation from GCash that the payment has been received. The payment will be reflected on your Meralco account within 24 hours.


Where can I see my Meralco Customer Account Number (CAN)?

Based on the June 2022 bill, you can find the CAN number at the bottom right portion on the front page of your Meralco bill. You can check the sample below.


Where can I see my Meralco Barcode?

The Meralco barcode that carries your account details can be found at the bottom left corner of your Meralco bill. See sample bill below.


Do I still need MRN when paying using GCash?

Meralco has made it easier to pay using GCash. Instead of the long, 26-digit MRN (Meralco Reference Number), all you need is the shorter, 10-digit CAN (Customer Account number).

How long before the payment is posted?

A Meralco electric bill paid using GCash will reflect on your Meralco account within 24 hours of payment.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bills on GCash?

Yes. You can still pay your Meralco bill via GCash even if it’s past the due date, as long as you still don’t have a disconnection notice. Another option is to settle your bill using the official Meralco mobile app.

Can I pay Meralco with Disconnection Notice on GCash?

Personally, we were able to pay our Meralco bill even with a disconnection notice. However, take note that GCash themselves doesn’t promote this and advises users who already got their disconnection notice to settle their balance directly with Meralco.

How to save Meralco account to GCash favorites

Step 1: Open your GCash app and tap “Bills”.


Step 2: Tap “Add Biller”.


Step 3: Use the search bar on top or scroll down until you find “Meralco”.


Step 4: Input your Customer Account Number (CAN), email address (where the receipt will bet sent), and the nickname that would be used in the Favorites section. You can skip the “Amount” since that will vary depending on your monthly bill amount. You can also select “Remind me Every” if you want a monthly reminder to pay your bill. Tap “Save”.


Step 5: Go back to the “Bills” section, and you shall see your saved Meralco account. Simply tap this every time you want to make a payment, no need to input your CAN number and email address, simply key in the amount you need to pay, and you’re good.


Can I skip GInsure?

Having some sort of insurance is good. But personally, we haven’t experienced any issue with paying Meralco over GCash, so we just skip it most of the time.

That’s a step-by-step guide and all the things you need to know when paying Meralco bills using GCash. But if you want something more direct, you can pay using the Meralco app, where your payment will be instantly posted.

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