A tech company in California is working on a smart contact lens prototype called Mojo Lens that’s capable of augmented reality technology.

Think of this wearable like the failed Google Glass or the rumored Apple Glass, but obviously you’re meant to place it directly on your eyes.

Mojo Vision first revealed Mojo Lens at CES 2020, but back then the press was only allowed to hold up the lens near the eyes and not actually wear it.

After seven years in development, however, the company finally has a feature-complete prototype lens. Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins himself is the first to wear it, claiming that he “saw the future” per a blog post published last week.


Mojo Lens utilizes a 14,000ppi MicroLED display that’s only 0.02 inches in diameter with a 1.8-micron pixel pitch. With a 5GHz radio and ARM Core M0 processor, the lens has an integrated system for transmitting data and streaming AR content to the display.

Mojo Lens still isn’t ready for commercial public release though, as the company is working on the remaining technical hurdles, securing market approval, and getting partners and app developers onboard.

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