Modern technology is constantly evolving. Its influence has changed the face of many industries around the world and the automotive industry in particular has embraced these developments with vigor.

Developing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience has always been a top priority for scientists, but what type of vehicles can we expect to see on our roads in the next ten years?

Affordable electric cars

Electric cars have been our first real example of road worthy vehicles that make a difference to the environment. Nobody can deny that electric vehicles are the future, but many have been slow on the uptake.  This is because electric cars are not cheap to run as the Li-ion batteries that are used to power them are expensive to produce. However, scientists in Australia have found that germanium (a chemical element) in the earth’s crust can increase the energy storage of Li-ion batteries by up to 5 times.

Another natural element is also making waves in the electric car segment. A German company recently released the Quant e-Sportlimousine, a car that runs solely on salt water. We are excited to see how this innovation will shape the automotive industry in the country and are hoping that high prices for gas may soon be a thing of the past.

Networked cars


These vehicles have been created with large cities in mind, where commuting can often be expensive, stress inducing and time consuming.  The process is simple: contact a networked car via a smartphone app and the car (pod) will come to your destination and collect you and one other passenger. The pod then calculates the best route to take to your desired destination based on real time traffic updates. We think this innovative and efficient system will be a hit with commuters and General Motors are hoping to have them up and running in cities by 2020.

Autonomous cars


Self-driving cars have been the talk of the automotive town for the last few years, and here at Noypigeeks we are certain that this great idea will truly revolutionize the vehicle industry. Google’s self-driving cars are currently the world’s best known example with the company stating that their vehicles have clocked over 300,000 miles without a single incident or accident.  With the hazardous traffic conditions in the Philippines, we believe that this concept will definitely be taking hold of the car industry in the next ten years.


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