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Broadband speed in the Philippines is now 50% faster, says Ookla

Broadband speeds in the Philippines is now 50% faster, says Ookla

Ookla, the internet testing and analysis firm behind the popular service has released a positive report for the internet users in the country.

According to Ookla, there was a huge 50% improvement in the broadband internet speeds in the country. The report shows that the download speeds have spiked to an average of 15.67Mbps from the previously recorded 10.16Mbps.

To go along with it, the upload speeds have also substantially increased from 7.28Mbps to 13.53Mbps.

These advancements can be credited to the increasing availability of Fiber connection in the Philippines. PLDT, one of the advocates of the Fiber revolution in the country, said that more and more homes now have an ultra-fast Fiber connection, and more will be added soon.

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As per PLDT, their Fiber connection has already reached four million customers by the end of 2017.

PLDT is still hard at work in improving and modernizing their infrastructures to add more homes to the list. The company targets to increase their fixed broadband coverage by around 30% to 5.1 million homes passed.

The company is also expected to double its fiber and hybrid fiber broadband capacity in the next two years.

This move from PLDT is part of their Php50 billion upgrade plan to improve their services in preparation for the incoming third telco player in the Philippines.


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