Smart FREE WiFi in EDSA and MRT stations
Photo by Smart Communications / Facebook

Smart Communications, Inc., in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)  and the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is now offering FREE WiFi in EDSA and MRT stations.

Despite the continuous effort to improve the convenience of daily Metro commuters, the government still has a long way to go. And instead of just focusing on improving travel times, they are partnering with private organizations to enhance the commuter experience.

And this is the grounds behind the Smart FREE WiFi in EDSA and MRT stations. The collaboration between Smart and DICT will provide FREE WiFi connection for all 13 MRT station commuters. EDSA motorists and commuters who are 50-70m away from and MRT station can also enjoy FREE internet connection.

Photo by Smart Communications / Facebook

The service will let everyone use an ultra-fast internet connection (up to 300Mbps) for 30 minutes with NO DATA CAP.

The connection process is fairly easy. Once you’re in the designated area, toggle on the WiFi on your device. Chose the #SmartWiFi @MRTEDSA network — and voila! You can now enjoy ultra-fast FREE internet connection.

If 30 minutes is too limiting (we know it is, EDSA commuters), you can extend your connectivity by purchasing a SmartWiFi load. It removes the “FREE” element, but you can have 2 hours of ultra-fast internet for Php20. There’s also a 10-hour option for Php50. The two are consumable for 2 days and 5 days, respectively.

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